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Other People's Stories

If you've attended a previous edition of Other People's Stories at La Paloma Sabanera or the Hartford Public Library, you know the drill. Here's how it works: people tell stories that someone else told them.

Other People's Stories celebrates the way that our favorite tales evolve with every telling, whether they're stories our parents told us about their parents, stories our friends told us about ourselves from when we were too drunk to remember, or the far-fetched boasting of a neighborhood raconteur.

There are only two rules for Other People's Stories: (1) No notes! Tell it as you remember it; make up the parts you forget. (2) No first-hand knowledge! Tell something that someone else told you.

Who will be telling these stories? A revolving crowd of Hartford area regulars, first timers, and maybe YOU!

If you've got someone else's story that you love to tell, the organizers would love to hear from you.



Flash Fiction Funny

Flash Fiction Funny is a collection of 82 very short (750 words maximum) humorous stories, edited by Tom Hazuka. It's a unique anthology with contributions from well-known authors such as Ron Carlson, Julianna Baggot and Stuart Dybek, as well as up and coming writers.

Six Connecticut writers whose work appears in the anthology will perform their pieces at Real Art Ways for this Flash Fiction Funny event!

Those folks are: Rand Richards Cooper, Tom Hazuka, Colin McEnroe, Steven Ostrowski, Charles Rafferty and Ravi Shankar.




Purple Light Poetry

Poetry open mic night at Real Art Ways has a new name!

Purple Light references renowned Hartford poet Wallace Stevens' poem "Of Hartford In A Purple Light." The event, which often boasts featured readers in addition to an open mic portion, is a haven for area writers -- a place for them to workshop, showcase, learn, and be inspired.


Raya Brass Band


Raya Brass Band

May Creative Cocktail Hour will be bursting with the engery of the Raya Brass Band! These five musicians have been thrilling audiences with their energetic brand of soul shaking, border defying dance music since 2008.

They've played prestigious venues like the Kennedy Center and Webster Hall, but they'll be in the mix and partying with the people at Cocktail Hour! Check out this video to get a taste of what's in store!




Speak Up

Speak Up is an evening of true stories centered on a common theme, told by storytellers chosen for their skill and expertise. Speak Up brings the craft of live storytelling to the greater Hartford area by entertaining audiences with stories about the human condition. All stories are 5-10 minutes long.

The storytellers:

Barbara Klau
Angela Lovell
Alan McKenzie
Matthew Dicks
Risa Sugarman
Tom Swale
Stephanie Hertz
Doreen Stern

[speak up]

*Please note that Speak Up may not be suitable for young children.





Spectacle gathers past performers and friends of Improvisations, the montly series curated by Joe Morris and Stephen Haynes, for a festival-style evening of "Free Music."

Over 15 musicians will gather to play in a variety of small ensembles over the course of the event, culminating in a collective performance by the entire group, playing as the Abstract Forrest orchestra.

Guest musicians include:

Jerome Deupree | drums and percussion
Tatsuya Nakatani | drums and percussion
Taylor Ho Bynum | cornet
Ben Stapp | tuba
Mat Maneri | violin
Daniel Levin | cello
Andria Nicodemou | vibraphone
Chris Cretella | guitar
Brad Barrett | bass
Minta White | flute
Joelle Wagner | bassoon
Zoe Christianson | clarinet
Sean Sonderagger | reeds
Matt Chilton | reeds
Daniel Pencer | reeds
Matt Plummer | trombone

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